Ever wondered how unions work? Read on to find out how.

Ever wondered how unions work? Read on to find out how.

A labor union is a collection of employees who work in a particular trade or profession, and who have come together to protect themselves against any unjust treatment in the workplace. Most times, matters of concern are working conditions, working hours, benefits and wages. With changing economies, the cost of living also changes and unions seek to ensure that the wages match that. Labor unions help workers to unite. Some people actually see unions as a form of organized crime, but others see it for what it is; an aid to representing the working community for better rights, benefits, and wages.

Regardless of what your job is, there might just be a union to represent you.

Who are the people that unions represent? Some of them are:

  • nurses
  • doctors
  • pharmacists
  • teachers
  • plumbers
  • janitors
  • engineers
  • police officers
  • construction workers
  • factory workers
  • government workers and many more.

Some of the existing labor

Tips on preparing for nursing school

When you join a nursing school, you will find that it is certainly not as easy as you thought it would be. The stern environment found in school is there for one to be prepared for a professional nursing career. When you decide to study nursing, you will find that it is quite intense, especially if you are not prepared.

However, you should not let the challenges overwhelm you and inhibit you from achieving your goals. With these following tips, you will prepare yourself for nursing school the best way possible.

Organize a support network

The moment you join a school, you will find that you need to be quite devoted, and doing it alone may prove to be difficult. Having a friend to help with studies or someone to provide that extra support to ease your experience in school is important.

By creating a reliable support network, you will …

Are you a beginner nurse? Here are some tips to help you

Are you a beginner nurse? Here are some tips to help you

Every career has its own story of struggle. However, skill development with proper training can significantly help you in aspiring your profession. When you are new in a nursing career, it’s normal becoming anxious about doing everything in the right way and starting the occupation on the right foot. Speaking of feet, make sure you own the right shoes for nurses. This is as important as the points we’re going to list here.

You always hear individuals say that nurse life is very exciting. After registering for nursing, you enter a world where everything has possibilities. For you to succeed and become a competent nurse in the near future, then keep in mind these tips which will help you to stay focused and overcome some difficulties.

1. Nobody is perfect

When starting working as a new nurse, you aren’t expected to know everything; you must be gentle and trying …

Pitfalls of Payday loans and Quick loans.

Pitfalls of Payday loans and Quick loans.

What drives most people to payday loans is the fact that bills are normally paid at separate times. The predicament may be that your accounts may be lower than expected or an unexpected expense may occur, such as car repairs. Maybe your last pay was lower than expected due to sick days or bad weather that prevented you from working. As a result, you will spend a huge amount of money, forcing you to get a quick loan.

This was the case for Sarah Idara, a Nigerian student who was studying Computer Science in Denmark. She states “I had a student job on the side. There was a month I fell sick so I couldn’t go to work or school. I was forced to take a loan of 10.000 kr. (approx. 500k NGN). The interests were so high that it took me over a year to finish paying off the …

Curbing Corruption In Nigeria – Delivering Nigeria From The Scourge Of Corruption

Curbing Corruption In Nigeria – Delivering Nigeria From The Scourge Of Corruption

During president Buhari’s acceptance speech, he labeled corruption as evil much worse than terrorism and vowed to fight against corruption, mentioning that it won’t be tolerated by his administration. In fact, out of his presidential campaign’s agenda, fighting corruption was one of the main points that scored president Buhari the millions of votes, which secured his win during the 2015 mandate. The CACOL (Center of Anti-corruption & open leadership), has been urging Nigerians for several years to play an active role in helping curb corruption and oppose any leader that is not operating in a transparent, open and honest manner.

However, the Buhari administration has been criticized by some as not following with what it promised in terms of a complete crackdown on corruption. For example, we can remember that the first secretary to the government of the federation (SFG), Babachir Lawal, was caught in corruption scandal during his first …

Minimum Wage In Nigeria Is Lower Than Most African Countries

Minimum Wage In Nigeria Is Lower Than Most African Countries

A Minimum wage refers to compensation made to an employee after performing labor, the minimum wage can be determined on a contract basis or through legislation by the government.

Across the world, the minimum wage to be received by workers varies from country to country. As opposed to developed countries like the United States of America whose minimum wage is at $15,080.00. Nigeria still struggles to meet the Nigeria Labor Commission (NLC) descent wage demand for its employees.

Why is Nigeria Stuck?

Some other African Countries such as South Africa is far beyond reach as far as Nigeria is concerned, an increase in minimum wage produced effect this year in South Africa with an equivalent of N126, 480 to be received by every employee monthly compared to Nigeria’s N30, 000 minimum wage per month. Here are some of the reasons why Nigeria is stuck

The Boko Haram issue

Nigeria struggles …

The Benefits Of Joining A Union – Top Benefits That Will Surprise You

The Benefits Of Joining A Union – Top Benefits That Will Surprise You

When a workforce in a company decides to organize and form a member’s union, this becomes a step up in the workforce and can be referred to as the `union advantage`.

A labor union is one which acts as an intermediary between its members and the business that has employed them.
The main purpose of the union is to give power in negotiating for favorable working conditions from the employers and other working benefits. What it offers is something known as collective bargaining. Collective bargaining gives you the power to negotiate as a group rather than when you are alone. For example, John, a worker at a certain company may see that there is a need to set up new safety measures in the company.

If he decides to pursue this request alone, he may not have the power to ensure its implemented. But there is a higher …